In today’s generation, competition among one another in order to gain the pole position is very high. The field of competition does not matter, only the passion of the individual does. One of the few brilliant assets is the establishment of start-ups. Young and budding aspirants having raw ideas are freely able to pursue their path of interest. However, the journey in this field is long and gruelling.

Here comes an organization which specializes in helping out aspirants to fulfil their dreams and succeed in life. Wissenarie is an emerging start-up organisation to channelize right kind of passion and help the start-up enthusiasts and aspirants build a successful business. Founder and CEO, Prudhvi Tammana believes that the future of entrepreneurship is in the hands of today’s youth and it is their passion which must be driven in the right direction to achieve successful heights. He along with his core team of 10 members who look after different aspects of the organisation, are thus working diligently to realise their dream. One of their most famous initiatives is Wission Talks.
Conducted over various colleges and universities across Hyderabad and Andhra, the response from the audience has been phenomenal.

With mottos of Nenu Local (I am local) and versatile visionaries, Wisson Talks attempts to break the fourth wall by bringing established entrepreneurs in front of rookies so that they get the real time exposure from them. Not only them, but the ones who have failed in their missions are also encouraged as it is believed that failure is the best teacher. The aim to foster and re-define the entire theme of entrepreneurship with correct steps surely makes them stand out in this whole crowd. One does definitely hope that it continues to encourage the passionate ones to realize their goal.