Most of us have witnessed the predicament of the protagonist of a popular Bollywood film the movie ‘Oh My God’ who learns that his insurance claim did not cover any damage caused by natural calamities classified under "Act of God"? While the hero wins the legal battle, a happy ending in real life would require asound insurance cover.

Today, a lot of time & effort goes into building a home or business but not enough goes into protecting it.

There is lack of awareness that through insurance a business can be protected against interruptions, natural catastrophes, fire, burglary/theft, machinery & electronics, professional indemnity, product liability, etc. anda home can be protected against damage/theft to the building structure and the contents.Time and again, we have read about calamities such as heavy rains, earthquake, tsunami, terrorist attacks, theft, etc. and how people have suffered losses.As per various industry estimates, not more than 8% of losses suffered in the recent past due to natural disasters are insured, hence balance 92% of the losses suffered are compensated from their own savings. These are not just news but are alarms to take precautionary actions.

Some common excuses used by people who shy away from insurance:

  1. Technical language and intricate product information putsthem off buying policies;
  2. No time in their busy schedules to purchase an insurance policy;
  3. Misplaced anxiety around how much insurance actually costs;
  4. Lack of onestop digital insurance solution

To bridge this gap, Riskcovry steps in and launches its digital Business & Home Insurance solutions platform Riskcovry.com which is a new Avatar of insurance particularly for that segment.

Riskcovry.comembodies an intuitive, data-driven digital workflow that discovers ones risks accurately with requisite classifications, and curates a cover, just for them. And all this, in less time than it takes to book a flight ticket- no kidding!

At Riskcovry.com you find: Self-Service Dashboards, Easier — Faster — Purchase Options and Claims Process.  This not only includes buying the uniquely tailored insurance policies, but also other relevant parts of insurance lifecycle for the consumer ie manage the policies (store certificates of issuance, renewals etc.); manage claims (initiation of claim process, to current status updates, digital settlement, refunds etc.).Additionally; Riskcovey has come up with a recover package which goes a step further to fix the damage caused by the uncertain event. 

Within a year from starting its operations, Riskcovry.com was nominated as one of India's best InsurTech of the year at the 9th India Digital Awards and 13th India Digital Summitamongst other established players in the Insurance domain like Policybazaar.com and PolicyX, due to its unique offerings.


Riskcovry is promoted by founders coming from diverse backgrounds such as Insurance, M&A, Fintech, Start-up and Technology having its team operating from Mumbai and Bangalore. 

SorabhBhandari & SuvenduPrusty bring 25 years of insurance domain experience collectively - they represent the inside-out part of the teams’ ecosystem DNA, which includes industry relationships, technical underwriting knowledge, and BD/sales breadth across the value chain. Together, Suvendu&Sorabh built the early books of 2 leading medium sized insurers of India, from a distribution perspective.

VidyaSridharan & ChiranthPatil bring similar depth stemming from their entrepreneurial and corporate experiences, across markets like India and US, but come from an outside-in view to insurance, to re-imagine the overall experience from a customer perspective, and use data & tech to solve an inefficient value chain problem. They believe that, by way of these complementary strengths, magic can happen!

So NOW just login to www.riskcovry.com Discover >> Cover >>Recover and move from Oh My God! To Thank God!