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Shekhar Maraveni, a Sub Inspector in Indian Armed Forces(CRPF) and started white Volunteers Foundation(NGO), WVF adopted 5Government Schools in Telangana state and distribting free milk to each school going children and to fight against chronic malnutrition problems in school going children and reduce dropout ratio in schools and improve the quality of education system in india. 

VASTRADAAN programm in slums, distribting free clothes distribution in slums to protect their dignity and rights.

As a soldier he protects his country internal Peace as well as we works for better Society.


Shekhar Maraveni

Sub Inspector in Indian armed forces (CRPF), Started white Volunteers Foundation (NGO) and Indian Ambossdor for RINP S Africa. "iGondi" a tribal language book writer and writing another book called "Humanshield" about problems of soldiers in J&K. Now his posting in J&K

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